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Mathematics Department » ALGEBRA II



#425      ALGEBRA II        NCAA Approved
Grades: 10-12       Required       Year Long       Credit: 1

Algebra I

This course is designed to give students a firm foundation in algebraic concepts in order to ensure success in future mathematics courses.

This course maintains and extends the concepts presented in the first course, with emphasis on algebraic skill development, logical thinking, and practical applications. The course begins with a review of Algebra I – linear equations and inequalities, then continues to polynomials and problem solving, factoring various polynomials, simplifying rational expressions, application of rational expressions, operations with radicals and rational number exponents, quadratic formula and applications, and coordinate geometry – slope, linear graph, equation of a line, solving systems of linear equations – including determinants, functions and types of variation, and terminates with the study of conic sections.

Grades will be assigned based on daily activities, homework, notebook, projects, quizzes, and tests. The final exam will be worth 10% of the student’s grade.