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#303      AP BIOLOGY      NCAA Approved
Grade: 10-12       Elective       Year Long       Credit: 1

To continue in the honors program a student is required to successfully completed Honors Biology I with a grade of “B” or higher. To transfer into the honors program, a student must attain an “A” in Biology II as the final grade, and the recommendation of the Biology II teacher.

This is an approved Advanced Placement (AP) College Board course. This course is designed to be the equivalent of a college introductory biology course. AP Biology will cover the topics regularly covered in a college biology course.

This is a college level course that will cover the following 4 “Big Ideas”: Evolution, Cellular processes: Energy and Communication, Genetics and Information Transfer, and Biological Interactions. College credit can be earned by any student who scores from a 3 to 5 on the AP college board exam.

A pre-class assignment is required for any individual scheduling AP Biology. The assignment is due the first day of class. Grades will beassigned based on daily work, homework, research projects, oral presentations, independent study, readings, labs, quizzes and tests. All students will be required to take the AP Exam, a final exam may be given at the discretion of the teacher