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United High School

Fine Arts Department » CERAMICS & SCULPTURE II



                                Grades:  9-12                     Elective                   1 Semester                    Credit: 0.5


Prerequisites:      Ceramics & Sculpture I – passing grade


Purpose:   This course is designed as a continuation of Ceramics & Sculpture I to further advance their knowledge and technical abilities in three-dimensional design through the medium of clay and other sculptural materials such as plaster, wire, paper, and wood.  More advanced techniques and concept study will be explored, including ceramic slip-casting, firing techniques, construction quality and thought-processes.


Description:Various types of clay construction and sculpture techniques are explored.  Emphasis will be placed on technique, originality, planning and organizing three-dimensional compositions, as well as conceptual design and critique.


Requirements:Grades will be assigned based on originality, technical ability, planning, progress, effort, and class participation.