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#664 HONORS ENGLISH-9 Level: H NCAA Approved
Grade: 9       Required       Year Long       Credit: 1

Honors enrollment is based on three criteria: cumulative skills assessment, teacher recommendation, and classroom performance.
Purpose: This course is designed for the serious student who desires a more challenging, in-depth study as a preparation for a college career.

This course covers the same concepts as English-9 but in greater depth and at a quicker pace. The Honors English-9 curriculum intensifies the study by examining multiple examples of each genre. Then,students will refine their writing skills, practicing standard/formal conventions, by producing compositions and personal writings as a means to both learn and communicate what has been learned.

Grades will be assigned based on daily activities, homework, projects, quizzes, essays, and tests. The final exam will be worth 10% of the student’s grade.