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English Department » ENGLISH-11



#697 ENGLISH-11 NCAA Approved
Grade: 11        Required      Year Long      Credit: 1


This course is designed to provide essential skills that will foster successful communication in all settings.

Students will read to interpret and analyze a variety of American literary works. American literature samples will range from colonial to modern times and will include short stories, poetry, nonfiction pieces, and novels. Students will also compose different styles and types of writing, including a formal research paper. Areas of study will also include reading comprehension, vocabulary development, grammar, usage, mechanics skills, and, depending on the needs of the class, research writing and public speaking. All areas of communication (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) will be studied with an emphasis on the development of reading strategies, writing skills, and critical thinking skills.

Grades will be assigned based on daily activities, homework, projects, quizzes, essays, and tests. The final exam will be worth 10% of the student’s grade.