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Guidance » Pennsylvania's Accredited Online Colleges

Pennsylvania's Accredited Online Colleges is an education-focused resource that includes several comprehensive databases which allows anyone to search for accredited online schools throughout the nation, specific online degree programs, or online colleges in Pennsylvania that can help you pursue an education and career of your choice.

Here are some of their pages that would be useful:

Most colleges and universities are heavily investing in technology as a key tool to cater to today’s “modern day” student. As such educators, students and their families will have more to evaluate as they explore all the available options. To help, a resource page was created that discusses universities and colleges free laptop programs and the truth behind the often touted selling point of “affordability”.

Most colleges and universities in Pennsylvania are incorporating online degree programs. There are currently 37 colleges in Pennsylvania that offer at least one Bachelor’s degree online.

Knowing that students and families are faced with trying to figure out the best option for them, we focused our site and its resources to provide an investigative review of the online education landscape and to critically evaluate the increasingly-popular online college rankings that are being touted on the internet.