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College Entrance Exams

College Entrance Exams

The college application landscape has changed. Previously, schools in the Midwest preferred the ACT while schools along the coast gravitated towards the SAT®. There is now total flexibility, and both tests are widely accepted across all U.S. colleges.

When it comes down to final decisions, the SAT or ACT question doesn’t have to keep you up at night. Understand the basics for each test, understand your own strengths and weaknesses as a test taker, and let the prep work begin.




  • Both are accepted by all colleges/universities.
  • Scored differently.  SAT- Three sections- Critical Reading, Math, and Writing- each scored at 200-800 points for a total of 2400 points.

ACT- Four Sections- English, Mathematics, Reading, Science, and optional Writing test- each scored at 1-36.

  • Average SAT Scores- Math- 521, Reading-529, Writing-487, Total M/R-1050
  • Average ACT Scores- 21
  • ACT- has an Interest Inventory and College Readiness Indicators


Registration Deadlines


  • SAT:

Test Date                     Registration Deadlines                       

    • August 26                     July 28, 2023
    • October 7                     September 7, 2023
    • November 4                  October 5, 2023
    • December 2                  November 2, 2023
    • March 9 (Digital)            February 23, 2024        
    • May 4 (Digital)               April 19, 2024
    • June 1 (Digital)              May 16, 2024


  • ACT:

Test Date                     Registration Deadlines

    • September 9                 August 4, 2023
    • October 28                    September 22, 2023
    • December 9                  November 3, 2023
    • February 10                  January 5, 2024
    • April 13                         March 8, 2024
    • June 8                          May 3, 2023
    • July 13                          June 7, 2023    




Registration Information


**** ACT/SAT- You will be required to provide a photo in order to register for the ACT, SAT, and SAT Subject Tests.

  • SAT- You want to take the Reasoning Test.   Some Colleges/Universities may require a Subject Test, but that will be taken at a later date.
  • ACT- it is suggested that you take the form with the Writing test
  • Some more selective colleges will accept the ACT in lieu of the SAT Reasoning and some subject tests.
  • Indicate up to 4 schools that you would like to have your scores sent to.  Do this now!!  It does not commit you to the school. NCAA code- 9999
  • If you are considering attending Penn State, be certain to forward your scores to them.  They will only accept the scores from the testing agency.
  • Indicate the testing center where you would like to test. Most popular choices are UPJ, IUP, and Blairsville and Indiana High Schools.
  • ACT form must be completed in pencil and SAT in ink.
  • Pay Pal can be used as a payment option when registering online.
  • Request a transcript to complete the information required.
  • Give yourself time!!
  • School Code- 392937




  • ACT- No Writing- $60.00; Writing- $85.00
  • SAT- $55.00



Fee Waivers


  • Students receiving free or reduced lunches or in the Upward Bound Math/Science program can obtain a fee waiver from the guidance office. 
  • ACT- Two fee waivers in grades 11 and 12
  • SAT- Two fee waivers in grades 11 and 12
  • If you use the SAT  or ACT Fee Waiver, many colleges and universities will accept a fee waiver for the college application also ( up to 4)
  • Fee waivers can be used on LATE SAT registration as well.


Test Day


  • Review information in the SAT or ACT registration booklet or your admission ticket to ensure that you take the necessary materials with you.